The Trip

Brendan –

God has opened so many doors recently for me and my family. I was seeking clarity that I am walking in the correct direction to walk through those doors that God is keeping open for me.  

During Fernando prayer for clarity, I was instantly filled with the Holy spirit and a wave of pure emotions came over me. I was instantly at peace with my direction and my direction forward. 

Betti –

When Fernando prayed for me, I felt the Holy Spirit come over me, someone came behind me to hold me up as I was struggling to stand. I then started to shake and then sob. It came from deep within me. I believe it was suppressed grief that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel. God has been continuing to release me from grief through this week. When I went out for prayer, I wasn’t sure why I was going out, but God touched me when the preacher was preaching, and I identified with a personal story that he shared. I felt something coming to the surface.  I had been impacted through my childhood and teen years by negative words spoken over me. Those words took away any confidence I had, and made me feel dumb and inferior.  

God is doing a continuing work of healing and restoration in me. 

Since then, I feel like I have been getting word of knowledge when I pray for people. Like thoughts in a prayer meeting, I was praying for someone who wasn’t at the meeting, and I felt that he needed prayer for something that happened to him in his childhood. So, I prayed for healing for him from childhood trauma. It gave me more understanding for why this person Is behaving the way he is. I’ve had that happen with two other people that I’ve prayed for too this week. I don’t believe God wants me to talk to them about it but just to pray for them. God is good. 

My Story –

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