The strange story

****The following names are changed due to child safe and also to hide their identities. These are still real stories and their own words are used to describe what happened****

Chloe –

I was in the group of kids that wanted prayer. When Nando started talking in tongues I felt someone hug me from the back. When Nando tried to place his hand I moved back because I was scared. He prayed to me and kept moving. After the prayer was done he came and spoke to me and told me what God has told him. He was correct with everything he said, about the noises I hear. I told him about the Ghost I see all the time but after he prayed everything changed the noise in my head is gone and I cant see ghost anymore, It’s a weird feeling and everything is so different now.

Zoe –

Nando asked if we needed prayer and I decided to have prayer. Once Nando started praying I felt a strong peace. Also after we prayer I chatted and Nando gave me a word it was accurate and something I have been struggling with. My mind used to run a lot and I didn’t take many things serious. Nando gave me instructions on how to read the Bible and helped me work on what God wants me to do in the future

My thoughts –

These are some awesome stories, watch this video below to hear what was going through my head and what I learnt from this experience.

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