The Retake

***The following names are changed due to child safe and also to hide their identities. These are still real stories, and their own words are used to describe what happened***


On Wednesday, Nando did a big prayer session for all the people in our camp cabin. He started with me, went to my friend and then came back to me. After I asked why he mentioned that he felt the need for him to pray for me. The next day I felt different, I was really energetic the next day and it was really different.


I had been feeling terrible. I couldn’t eat properly because of my mental health, and I wasn’t having much fun. My only real comfort was imagining that I would be on a phone call with mum explaining my situation. Then on Wednesday during the devos, after Nando taught us about the bible, he prayed for us. First, he was telling us to open our hearts during the prayer. He started to pray for each and every one and it came down to me he said, ‘Lord touch him’, I felt really clear. I heard the Holy spirit like never before, I heard his voice that I have never heard before. I felt nothing but joy. At dinner, I ate so much food I even threw up later because I was happy.


I’m not sure I have the most dramatic of experiences, I was already a Christian and pretty strong in my faith. However, I had nagging doubts about myself and I was anything but confident in myself. When Nando prayed, I didn’t feel that different immediately but after a second I felt as if there was a subtle change in my perception of myself. I have felt more self-assured since, and some of the doubts that plagued me no longer bother me.

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These are some awesome stories, watch this video below to hear what was going through my head and what I learnt from this experience.

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