As you look around the world it is very easy to recognise that there is a lack of love, joy and peace evidenced in daily life. Over the last few months, I have had the privilege and honour of partnering with God to see many a life changed. This collection of stories is a few of the lives I have witness changed, and there is a growing chain reaction. I have limited the collection to those who have willingly recorded their experience in their own words and have been given permission to share them in a broader context so that others may be encouraged. The venue and events are not listed on some stories, unless recorded by the author. I am very thankful for people’s willingness to share their stories with a broader audience.

The purpose of these stories is not to glorify what I can achieve, rather, to show the Power of God. The urgency that must exist to see lives changed and for us to partner with Him in this. God is in the business of changing and transforming lives. He loves not only the people who have shared their stories here, but you as well.

I hope that all who read this collection of stories will be encouraged that God can do the same things in and through their lives. To believe in God and allow Him to work through you.

Feel free to reach out to if you have a prayer request and would like someone to pray for you.



Where do I even begin, Nando has been a huge part of my life especially in the past fewyears. Coming from a completely non-religious background he helped grow throughoutmy spiritual journey, he helped me gain biblical knowledge, and most importantly helpedme become a child of God. When I first met him, he struck me as a very happy go luckyguy who told me all these crazy stories, each one being these insane miracles that he hadwitnessed with his own eyes and some he had even performed himself. At first his storiesseemed too good to be true until I witnessed and

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