Where do I even begin, Nando has been a huge part of my life especially in the past few
years. Coming from a completely non-religious background he helped grow throughout
my spiritual journey, he helped me gain biblical knowledge, and most importantly helped
me become a child of God. When I first met him, he struck me as a very happy go lucky
guy who told me all these crazy stories, each one being these insane miracles that he had
witnessed with his own eyes and some he had even performed himself. At first his stories
seemed too good to be true until I witnessed and experienced these miracles myself. The
he completely transforms these people’s lives is incredible. Nando and I both volunteer
a Christian youth camp together and a lot of the time some kids that come for a week of
camp aren’t necessarily in a great place. I have seen Nando completely change many of
these kids’ mindsets truly show them how powerful God is through his prayer and wise
words. Nando will take someone who he can see needs God in their life, somebody who
needs the Holy Spirit, and at the end of the week through Nando’s devotion to Lord that
same kid that Nando prayed for at the start of the week is now completely at peace, a
child of God. Not only has Nando worked through others he has helped me on many
occasions. He was one of the many influential people that helped me see God and helped
me let God come into my life. Any questions I needed answered, any prayer I needed
Nando was there. Sometimes I’d just have things on my mind that I hadn’t told anyone
, and Nando always somehow knew that something was up, he’d come up to me and
my problem and he’d let me know that God was there for me, and that we could work
through them together. It sounds corny but if it hadn’t been for the kind, blessed soul
that is Nando I probably wouldn’t be the guy that I am today.

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