As you look around the world it is very easy to recognise that there is a lack of love, joy and peace evidenced in daily life. Over the last few months, I have had the privilege and honour of partnering with God to see many a life changed. This collection of stories is a few of the lives I have witness changed, and there is a growing chain reaction. I have limited the collection to those who have willingly recorded their experience in their own words and have been given permission to share them in a broader context so that others may be encouraged. The venue and events are not listed on some stories, unless recorded by the author. I am very thankful for people’s willingness to share their stories with a broader audience.

The purpose of these stories is not to glorify what I can achieve, rather, to show the Power of God. The urgency that must exist to see lives changed and for us to partner with Him in this. God is in the business of changing and transforming lives. He loves not only the people who have shared their stories here, but you as well.

I hope that all who read this collection of stories will be encouraged that God can do the same things in and through their lives. To believe in God and allow Him to work through you.

Feel free to reach out to if you have a prayer request and would like someone to pray for you.


Bible Study

*above name is changed for protection of the individual* Emma – I was praying about what Nando said about the purpose in the Bible study, because I really didn’t know what God wanted me to do with my life. I asked Nando to pray for me, the next day God spoke to me. Now I have a better idea about what I should do. Over the last few days, I felt so much closer to God. I haven’t stopped reading the Bible and praying, I feel way more peaceful. Normally when something comes up it makes me worried or distracted

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* I couldn’t see small fonts and had struggle seeing them. During the group prayer I felt something changed inside me. Fernando came to chat with me and I told him I couldn’t see to read the bible because I forgot my glasses. He prayed for me and now I can read the bible and see properly without glasses.

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* Nando was telling us stories about things God has done through him and about how he prayed for other people. I wanted him to pray for me because I wanted to experience it. So he prayed for me, while he was praying my heart began beating really fast and began shaking. I felt clear- minded and was thinking about how wonderful God was. It was like everything was blurry and it was just me and God.

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* On Wednesday Night I asked for prayer, I told him my problems and somehow, he already knew them. Nando then prayed for me, and I started to fall back – I felt like a feather, being softly pushed back. I felt a fiery feeling in my heart and as it started aching, I began to cry and as I closed my eyes, I felt someone was trying to open them. I felt loved, happy and calm – not stressed like I usually am. After all that happened, I felt so happy

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Before prayed I felt angry, annoyed, unloved. After prayer I felt peace, calm and warmth.

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Asked for prayer for residual pain from shingles. As Fernando prayed felt a warmth down the side of my body the left and a burning left now my left ear can be touched without pain and thank you Jesus for your healing

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* As Fernando prayed I felt different I felt like I don’t want to swear anymore. I felt loved and different

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* After Fernando prayed I felt happy

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* As Nando prayed I felt on my back I felt a shiver. It was warm and I felt differenent like I wasn’t the same person

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* I felt like I was loved by someone, and I could feel him touching me and when I had my eyes closed I felt like I was in Peace and also I could see Him

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