Doing Fernando’s course helped me to realize that we are already free from sin because we have been redeemed by God when we accepted the gift of what Jesus did on the cross.  I realized I am not a slave of sin because I am already redeemed.  I realized that if I was going to sin all I had to do was stop and remember I am new creation in God and that to sin is not an option.  I have now found that the people that used to annoy me don’t annoy me anymore and I think this is because something changed in me which has changed the way they deal and speak to me.  So easy in the end something that was such a problem before, I was very surprised.  So that’s why I call this my miracle from doing the course with Fernando.  I changed and those around me then changed, and my life just got better.  If only everybody who taught the gospel taught it the way Fernando did.  He didn’t muck around or play down sin or say sin is ok because got forgives you.  He explained that we are new people in God and that’s enough not to need to sin again.  And he was right.  When I changed and let God work in me those around me changed and it fixed my problem of being angry with certain people around me. It’s true God and full acceptance of God as your Lord and Savior is the only way to get peace and happiness.  It’s so good and feel abundantly blessed to have learnt this from Fernando. Thanks Fernando

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