I feel so new and fresh. My soul feels light, and I know that God has filled me with His Spirit. Nando had been showing so much love that night – praying for people, speaking in tongues, and talking about God, I felt such a deep hunger that night, almost sadness that had built up and I felt as though I was carrying the burden myself. The previous message we had in the chapel had touched my heart and I felt as though it was for me. The worship was moving and incredibly emotional, and I felt the need for prayer. So, I asked Nando for prayer. He had prayed for another one of the campers earlier that night and she had collapsed on the ground and lay still for around 5 minutes looking so incredibly peaceful. I felt as though I needed Nando to pray for me, not expecting anything as big as the previous event. Nando walked me away from a group of people and begun praying for me. I knew God was going to do something powerful and as soon as Nando’s hands went on my shoulder my heart started tingling, and as he started speaking in tongues, it was like my soul awakening, tingles filled my whole body, and I felt my whole body and I felt myself falling back into my friends’ arms and be laid on the ground. My arms began moving by themselves and they slowly raised to the sky. My hands began closing as if someone was holding my hand and I felt peace my hand and I felt peace like I had never felt before. It was like my heart had finally opened. My legs gained movement and my arms and hands after that – though I wished I could’ve stayed on that ground forever; I know I can still live in that incredible peace. I feel so free – free from my trauma, free from my grief, I feel freedom that my family couldn’t have. I feel the joy in my life in a way I’ve never felt before.

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