*above name is changed for protection of the individual*

Before I met Nando on camp, I had severe depression for about 5-6 years and every time I went on camp or went away from home, I would wake up around 3 o’clock in the morning and start to have a panic attack then I met Nando and I didn’t know that my time at the camp was going to change. Nando was my cabin leader, and I felt a certain urge to tell Nando that I have had issues for a long time and Nando said to me it is alright I will pray for you, I agreed. After the prayer was over, I felt like a weight or burden was lifted and I just felt like a more happier person then it came time to head to bed I felt a bit worried that I would wake up at 3am but I didn’t and it was the best sleep I have had for a very long time and ever since then my life has been better and I’ve never woken up and had a panic attack.

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