Shauna –

First my friends came over to my house and asked to me to go to the church meeting that was held today. I decided to come to church, my son said to me that something will happen to me while I am at church. When this man prayed, he started sharing everything that I am going through. Everything he said seems like he knew the situation what I never told me. I want God to talk to me and He did thru this man. I am glad that I came to this service today.

Rob –

I felt off the ladder and which injured my teeth and arm. After prayer my pain in the teeth was gone and my arms pain is 50-50. Few days ago I had a vision you coming and praying for me and I received full healing. I didn’t know that you were coming here today. Thank you.

***Added next day – after last nights prayer I decided to take the brace off and now I can move my arm and in the morning the arm was better and fully recovered. I did feel a bit of pain but its all gone now ***

My Thoughts –

God is so wonderful on how He changes hearts and minds of people. The video below is about what I learnt from this experience and what went in my head.

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