He Knows you

Eaugen –

I had lovely prayers from Nando. As he prayed God revealed to me the issue with my life. I had a falling out with the church and as he prayer God revealed to me the changes I have to go through. There was healing that came to my heart this night as I was prayed for. . Thank you, Nando.

Andrew –

“Before I came tonight I sensed God was going to speak to me tonight about something important. I have been thinking over recent months about my skills being under utilized when I am at work, as a manager  in a winery. I felt God validating that tonight.

I have a heart to help people directly. I  have an idea of how I can do that, and God was saying through Nando that He is aware of the desire in my heart to help people. That the opportunity to move into something new is ahead of me, and it will be a promotion, not a backward step. I am to start preparing and planning as I see the opportunity open before me and put a plan in place before I move into it. When the timing is right God will open the door. It’s not too late, I’m not too old for this change.

I am feeling encouraged that God has provided for me and my family all of these years, and there are more opportunities ahead for me to be used by God for greater things.”

Thanks Nando, for being the vessel God has called you to be and for praying with me tonight. I am at peace with God

Steve –

I am thanking Nando for ministering for me. As he was praying I felt a strong sense of God presence which was very peaceful. As he was praying along he was picking a lot of things, things that God was doing business with me in the last month or two so it was an excellent confirmation.

Zack –

As Fernando was praying, I felt like I was floating and pushing towards something more. Before the prayer my life felt like a void and I was waiting for something.

My side of the story –

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