*above name is changed for protection of the individual*

Before coming to camp, I had been in a real bad spot with my faith I had grown up in a Christian home and had made my decision to follow God but over the past couple of years I had begun to get doubts in my head about weather what I believed in was true I was really struggling. I started to become distant from God and thought I could do things on my own I turned away from Him and ended up sad and angry all the time. I started to pick up bad habits was always angry and taking that anger out on all my friends and family. Any happiness I had felt was either forced or for only a short time I grew further and further away from God. When I came to Mill Valley Ranch for the Frontier Camp, I was really excited to meet new people however I was caught up in my own head and was not very talkative or myself. During the week when I started to hear from Nando, I started to feel a weight lift off my shoulders and realise how far I had strayed from God. It wasn’t a single moment of change but a slow learning over the week. It completely changed the way I was thinking. I felt the happiest I had in a long time. That allowed me to show kindness and love to others like I had never been able to before. My own the experience of being with God is so much more amazing then trying to do things on my own. I was able to help the kids out on camp in more ways than I could by myself without God and thanks to Nando I was able to learn so much more about the Holy Spirit and how it changes people however I didn’t just learn about how it changes people but Nando helped me to see and feel my self be changed by the spirit.

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