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Before going to Mill Valley Ranch this month, I was already a Christian. I tried to read the Bible every day and have conversations with God, but every day I just kept getting sidetracked and distracted with everything I had to do. The best I got was probably 1 or 2 days maximum in a row spending time with God, before I went weeks of letting Satan tempt me back into my old ways of forgetting God because I was ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’ or just ‘not bothered’. Then I came to Mill Valley, and we did a lot of Bible studies, which showed me an overview of the Bible I’d never really seen before. I knew most of the stories, but they all used to be jumbled around in my head- I didn’t know how they all fit together. This big picture image got me more interested in the Bible, now that I understood it better, which set me up for the second week, where I went from structured Bible studies to talks with Nando, and every night I was so inspired by all the amazing and interesting things he talked about. He answered so many of my previously unanswered questions, told us stories of healing and God’s love and His power. And I realized most of what he was saying came directly from the Bible, the book I was never bothered to read and to be honest, found boring at times. That completely changed my whole perspective on the Bible, and now I also try to read it “in every spare moment” as Nando told me he does. But what’s different about it now is that I’m not forcing myself to read, I want to read – the Bible is such an amazing book, it’s crazy, and now that I’m so glad I finally realized that. Through Nando, God showed me a completely new style of life – instead of God just being one of the many things I fit into my life, He must be at the center. He must be the base of my identity, my plans, and my life. We must base everything around God, not the other way round.

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