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As I was standing in the  Chapel, I felt my frustration turn into defeat. My hunger for God’s spirit put out like a fire. I felt like my relationship couldn’t be salvaged from all the damage of my sins. The music reminded me of something I can’t have. That I have always been brought up to want, a relationship with God. As my mind spits the words “You’re a Failure” at my weakened spirit, I prayed to God and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. God won’t have a relationship with me because my life is perfect, because I’ve got it all together but because He loves me, even though I am a failure. This revelation made me think of prayer, what I desperately needed, and I thought of Nando. The Holy Spirit is so in tune with him that I knew if anyone could pray for me, he could. As he prayed for me his words were so soothing as I felt peace wash over me. A peace, that even in a booming chapel it was silent. A silence that told me God was right there next to me the whole entire time. His spirit, a reminder of His selfless love every day. Not only was my hunger renewed, but I also felt an amazing peace. A peace I have never ever felt before. You could know the Bible back to front but without peace, over and hunger for God its meaningless.

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