I was doing Growing in Christ with Nando in middle of last year and I was absolutely loving it, but I didn’t have the hunger to chase after the knowledge of Jesus. During the start of this year 2022 I started working at a call center and was enjoying it but didn’t love and after a month of being there it started getting difficult and I was having a lot of anxiety attacks and couldn’t sleep at night. After I made the decision to quit, I went down to church and talk to Nando and tell him about my decision and he told me not to stress about it because it was the past and focus on the present. After that week I asked Nando when we can have another growing in Christ session he said Thursday, so on Thursday we spoke about the Holy Spirit, and I was finding very interesting just learning about the Holy Spirit and what it means to have the Holy Spirit really made me think about Gods love and Jesus sacrificing himself for our sins. Afterwards, I wanted Nando to pray for me, during the prayer my legs started to feel really heavy, and my chest started to tingle. I could see something swirl while my eyes were closed after the prayer, I felt more desire and joy in my heart. After that day I have attend church more than usual, started to understand what the verses meant in the Bible. And most importantly I felt the HUNGER to learn more about God and Jesus Christ that I’m also getting Baptize now.

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