Camp Spree

****The following names are changed due to child safe and also to hide their identities. These are still real stories and their own words are used to describe what happened****

Rachel –

When camp was happening, I was keeping busy and distracting my concentration, as I didn’t believe in God at all. The camp was a few days long, and on day 2 Nando came and mentioned something about a loved one passing away and the void in my heart started from them on. Little did he know that it was the day that my father passed away and it had been 8 months. During worship, two leaders prophesied one prophesied directly to me. While the other just mentioned about a non-believer (Nando explained the importance of this later). Nando came and asked me whether he could pray and there was another leader. While he prayed, I felt different. The prophecy and everything that was said was connected.

Bob –

I was in the cabin at camp and had trouble sleeping. The other boys were loud and I had a toothache. The cabin leader, Nando, came in and spoke to us. I told him that I could not sleep because of my toothache. He turned and prayed; and the toothache was gone. I then went to sleep.

Mark –

So, l was speaking to a rancher named Billy (named changed for privacy), and he was asking some pretty tough questions. Over that day I spent many hours talking to him about Jesus. After a while he asked for prayer and Nando came over to pray for him. Before Nando came, he asked if he could see Jesus, and after Nando finished, he said he saw a light and felt a peace which is what I said would happen when God’s spirit comes into your heart. This was not just a learning experience for me, but it was a huge encouragement to be a part of helping change someone’s life, and seeing them give everything over to God

My thoughts –

These are some awesome stories, watch this video below to hear what was going through my head and what I learnt from this experience.

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