Biblical Names

above name is changed for protection of the individual

Judah –

I injured my foot playing basketball. I asked Nando to pray for me and after he finished praying, I felt like water was flowing over my foot and a tingly sensation, and the pain and the soreness left. 

Elijah –

My life before the miracle is what I would call average for a Christian. I grew up in church and went to youth but sadly I was too smart for my own good. I could access all of my parent’s control so I closed all parental securities and saw horrible stuff. I decided to volunteer on camp and one night while I was in worship, I felt tingles all over and I went on my knees and felt God from then on. I knew God has forgiven me; I couldn’t stop thanking Him. It felt so wonderful and for the first time I felt I was free from the horrible sin. 

My Story –

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