*above name is changed for protection of the individual*

I often thought God was this person that people make up to blame for their mistakes. I was wrong. Going to the ranch helped me find myself. The people around me helped me find my self-worth. This helped me get my self-confidence as well. My energy changed drastically including the label I gave myself. I went from thinking of myself in a very negative context, calling myself horrible names to being a role model everyone looks up to. 

When I was on a camp at the camp,  someone offered to pray for me. As he did this, I felt so different. I felt free, like I was so free and relaxed. All my stress and worries washed away off my shoulders. After that day everything changed. I was more persistent with tasks, which was a huge change for me. I am not sure how or why this miracle had come to me, but I am incredibly grateful. My grade even spiked up and my family became more of a positive space. Everything was just so much better from that day on. 

It’s like from the day Nando prayed for me everything and everyone just seemed brighter, happier. I often saw miracles as people being broken or having sprained bones being healed after someone prayed for them. I am not entirely sure what up there I believe that what’s up there has helped me become a better person. 

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