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Birth - 2007

Education + Introduction to
Christianity + Ministry with my Parents


Arrival to Australia + Tertiary
Education + Working in Hospitality Management

2012 - 2017

Visa Issues + Change in focus

2018 - Present
Second Chance

No Work + Miracles + Start in Ministry Journey

2021 - Present

Start of Ministry

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my story

From an early age God’s love towards me was immense. God’s favour on my family was prominent. I was honoured to be alongside my parents when they ministered. The promise of God was evident in all areas of our lives. From a small age I had much knowledge of God,  my faith was strong. Being educated in a Christian school,  being a regular church goer saw this faith strongly cemented. However, I still lacked one thing, which I will reveal in just a moment.  

I left my birth country Sri Lanka to live in Australia when I was seventeen. While Australia has blessed me with a tertiary education and a well-paid job. The master I served soon changed. I was no longer serving God and my church attendance fell. Even though I read the Bible and prayed, the intention and my reason why I was was doing so faded. It had become a habitual process,  rather than being based in longing to connect and know God. 

My heart had changed from God to other things, but deep down the faith I had when I was small still shined through me. Heaven was the goal I was focused on, even though everything I was doing was  not helping me get there. 

With many self-inflicted bad decisions life was not looking the brightest. And definitely not biblical. With visa issues the circumstances of life where getting harder. I’m 2018, things progressed to worse when my work rights where taken away, with a further change to my visa status. Amongst other issues a broken heart was also added to the list, but God came to me in amazing circumstances. Giving me a second chance at life, which has changed forever the way I love.  

With this newfound second chance,  the greatness of God was revealed, with visions and miracles soon following. The previously lost hunger for God grew, gusts of wind was pushed out of me, the fire was re-ignited hotter than ever before. My mind was sharped, wisdom grew and I was provoked with the love, peace, joy of God.  

With this new found authority and changed  heart I started volunteering. First at my home church (Reveal Church, Endeavour Hills), where some thinking had to be unlearnt and new things had to be learnt. The volunteering capacity increased exponentially to the point it covering all areas in my church; then overflowing to other churches and ministries. The hand of God became visible, now more than ever before.  

With this new Gospel understanding, I  started to show the heart of my Father to others. Not being bound with limitations or a lack of resources instead standing in the truth that God blessed me in all areas  

I started volunteering locally and internationally and now connect with ten different churches, being involved in 24 different ministries in different capacities. My love for God has grown. I can say I have new understanding of Jesus and see Father in a new light. I cannot go through a day without my friend Holy Spirit. The power of the Gospel is finally revealed. Now I not only understand Him, I love Him too; which is something I  never understood when I was younger. As I grow in Him,  the revelation is finally personal and this website is to shows the fruits of walking with my Father; revealing Him to the world.