As you look around the world it is very easy to recognise that there is a lack of love, joy and peace evidenced in daily life. Over the last few months, I have had the privilege and honour of partnering with God to see many a life changed. This collection of stories is a few of the lives I have witness changed, and there is a growing chain reaction. I have limited the collection to those who have willingly recorded their experience in their own words and have been given permission to share them in a broader context so that others may be encouraged. The venue and events are not listed on some stories, unless recorded by the author. I am very thankful for people’s willingness to share their stories with a broader audience.

The purpose of these stories is not to glorify what I can achieve, rather, to show the Power of God. The urgency that must exist to see lives changed and for us to partner with Him in this. God is in the business of changing and transforming lives. He loves not only the people who have shared their stories here, but you as well.

I hope that all who read this collection of stories will be encouraged that God can do the same things in and through their lives. To believe in God and allow Him to work through you.

Feel free to reach out to if you have a prayer request and would like someone to pray for you.



I came to Warragal. I had a bad day with a lot happening. Fernando prayed for me twice for healing and both times I felt a surge of peace, joy and love filled my heart. It was bubbling inside me. Even as I share this story, I still feel the peace and joy filling inside of. I am still giggling. I needed that today, I really needed that with everything that’s happening in my life.

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* On Sunday my sister took me to meet Nando, I had been feeling angry at myself and God because of the mess my family was in and my part to play in it. I wanted to change but something was stopping me from accepting God. The church we were in was noisy after the service and I didn’t really understand what Nando said when he offered to pray for me. He put his hand on me and my sister got ready to catch me if I fell, I nearly needed her

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I’ve been playing AFL for a while and 14 years ago I had an injury in right knee where a player stepped on my knee. While I met Fernando at Mildura, he prayed for my leg, and we had a wonderful moment where something special happened. My leg is healed, I can step on it now and also, I have recorded a video to show me jumping on one leg. The pain if fully gone and I walked home with no pain for the first time in 14 years

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my nose was heavily bleeding, and Nando prayed, and it completely stopped. I can feel a clot over the wound (19.03.2022)

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I wanted a job and had trouble getting a job. At the ranch for the week Nando prayed for me as he was my cabin leader. During the prayer he told me that tomorrow when you go home, doors are going to open in terms of getting a job. When I went home on Saturday, I received a call from Hungry Jacks for a job interview. I was shocked that what Nando said was true.

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I was doing Growing in Christ with Nando in middle of last year and I was absolutely loving it, but I didn’t have the hunger to chase after the knowledge of Jesus. During the start of this year 2022 I started working at a call center and was enjoying it but didn’t love and after a month of being there it started getting difficult and I was having a lot of anxiety attacks and couldn’t sleep at night. After I made the decision to quit, I went down to church and talk to Nando and tell him about my decision

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* As I was standing in the  Chapel, I felt my frustration turn into defeat. My hunger for God’s spirit put out like a fire. I felt like my relationship couldn’t be salvaged from all the damage of my sins. The music reminded me of something I can’t have. That I have always been brought up to want, a relationship with God. As my mind spits the words “You’re a Failure” at my weakened spirit, I prayed to God and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. God won’t have

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I feel so new and fresh. My soul feels light, and I know that God has filled me with His Spirit. Nando had been showing so much love that night – praying for people, speaking in tongues, and talking about God, I felt such a deep hunger that night, almost sadness that had built up and I felt as though I was carrying the burden myself. The previous message we had in the chapel had touched my heart and I felt as though it was for me. The worship was moving and incredibly emotional, and I felt the need for

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* Just a little background I have grown up in a Christian household and have gone to church all my life. I have been going on other camps nearly every holiday since year 7 and so I would confidently say that I am a Christian and believe in God. But I really struggled with feeling Jesus and my faith felt sort of shallow. Like I knew I should follow Jesus and I believe in him, but I never felt a change in my life. Last night was crazy. And this is what

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*above name is changed for protection of the individual* So, I was sitting at a table after dinner, praying with some friends and suddenly my leg exploded with this intense pain, and I could not think of anything else. Fernando told me to stand next to him so he could pray for me and even before he had finished, the pain suddenly stopped and I was shocked, I had heard of this kind of stuff happening to people but never expected it would happen to me. I thank God for Fernando and all the staff at the camp.

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